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Hello hello, I’m Adam and I BRAND rad stuff!

Professional tattooing part-time for six years (on my forth year of full-time),

an AFA in Graphic Communications at Baker College, 

and a BFA at College for Creative Studies

gave me the expertise to create

straight-to-the-point detailed pieces,

for a diverse, inartistic, demographic.


My multiple concept versatility is unique from the norm,

because I illustrate my sincerity through

graphic design, paint, tattoos, and writing.

Those are my tools to identify

your business, your project, and YOU!

Name the medium and I’ll solve the problem.

Currently, I'm creating cooler looking people full-time at

                                    in the Metro Detroit.

AND undertaking creative jobs outside of shop hours.


I learned to sign paint+pinstripe under     


I have a currently hiatused apparel line called      


A podcast project known as                    

In my personal time you'll find me with my puppy Goose,

watching the Red Wings/NHL, trying out new beers at breweries,

and track driving my RSX-S!

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